Hotronic S4 Power Plus


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How Feet Become Cold:
When colder outside temperatures are
detected, the nervous system restricts
blood flow to the extremities to maintain
the body‰۪s core temperatures. The toes
(and other extremities) quickly become
uncomfortably cold.
Hotronic‰۪s FootWarmers easily install in all types of footwear
and transfer simply from one pair to another. Use while
skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, bicycling, horseback
riding, fishing, and during other general cold-temperature
By providing a base level temperature at the
toes, Hotronic‰۪s Heating Element blocks and
neutralizes the penetrating cold keeping the
blood circulation open while maintaining
comfort and warmth in the feet.
The Hotronic FootWarmer offers three
base level settings for comfort and warmth
maintenance. A fourth setting offers an extra
blast of heat when needed.
Hotronic‰۪s new S Series Footwarmers offer more than
ever before, including enhanced reliability, longevity, and
performance. The new S Series batteries maintain up to
55% of a full charge and 95% of their initial capacity after
four years of non-use! Plus, an increase in capacity offers
up to a combined 30% in higher average temperatures and
longer durations on a single full charge, when needed most,
in the cold!!!
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